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Never Done and Always Changing, the California South Coast Modular (CSC) On30 Model Railroad group's mission is to bring the joy of narrow gauge trains to all ages at train shows. 
This page is dedicated to the California South Coast On30 Modular Group's modeling and displays.  Our group is a loosely knit group of individuals from Southern California who get together and display our modular layouts at train shows around the region...from San Diego to Bakersfield and east to the boarder.  We are affiliated with the California Central Valley and California Central Coast On30 groups who use the same standards we do.  We are interested in having fun and helping those interested in On30 model railroading.  Our group is most active with pictures and files on our site, but you can find us also on Facebook at

Hope to see you at one of our events! 

Our group was setup as free form modules, but with connectivity the key to our standard. This includes physical and electrical with operational as the key. Our group is setup so we can display at train shows in Southern CA between San Diego and Los Angeles areas. The CSC meets mainly at Train Shows and events in Southern California and at times plans fun runs.

The time period is set from the late 1800's to the 1930's. The track products used for the modules are On30 flex track and turnouts. Using Peco or Micro Engineering products is not a requirement but adhering to the overall tie/rail height and code 100 rail between modules is needed to ensure smooth operation. The code 100 rail measure 3/16ths of an inch from the underside of the ties to the top of the rail.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We do not sell, trade or otherwise share the e-mail addresses of our members.


PLEASE, no politics, religion, swearing, racist remarks, degrading other members, and/or any other inappropriate remarks. Remember, this is a G rated group and model railroading is supposed to be fun.
Warnings may or may not be given before action is taken if this rule is violated.

Thank you for your help in keeping this a fun, engaging and exciting group.

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