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This Forum enables ACS members and other interested people to discuss the Elements of a new ACS constitution

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  • #6-1 Possibly Non-Controversial Elements 15 Topics
  • #2-2-1 Adaptation in the expression of the Society's Mission ('Primary Object') 14 Topics
  • #5-5-1 Matters Subject to Member Approval 12 Topics
  • #5-1-1 Choice of Model for the Governing Committee 12 Topics
  • #5-2-4 The Size of the Governing Committee 11 Topics
  • #4-1-5 ACS as an Umbrella Organisation 11 Topics
  • #1-2-2b Membership also for people who are not ICT professionals 10 Topics
  • #2-1-1 ICT as the Primary, Scope-Defining Term 10 Topics
  • #5-1-3 Composition and Electoral Arrangements for the Two-Tier Model 9 Topics
  • #5-2-1 Eligibility to Nominate for the Governing Committee 9 Topics

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