sony crf-1 problem


cant find a group for crf-1 so i will post there. (i also own sony crf v21)

the dispaly doesnot work well when used in pushed in tuning, it appears there is a lag between vfo and display, sometimes the display doesn't change as i turn vfo. i don't think the pushed in fine turning has any problem as i can hear the difference when i turn the vfo, it appears the problem is with some bad contact issue on the vfo, may need some cleaning work somewhere  

not sure where to get it fixed or what the problem is 

pls help if u can  thanks in advance 


here is what Dave Zantow says about the CRF-1 on his website:

WARNING : Total "Synthesizer Failure" is very common with the CRF-1 and the "Sony Custom Made" CX-764 IC that goes out can no longer be purchased (see photo below) . The analog power supply went into the empty battery cavity (yes it's a normal analog supply being used here, not a switching type).

Dave N9EWO
ver 2.6

WARNING : The Sony CX-764 custom IC is very prone to failure in the CRF-1's. It contains the synthesizer , frequency display/counter and control circuits all in this one IC. Of course you cannot buy them anymore. So if (more like when) it dies, turns the CRF-1 into a great looking expensive paperweight.

Kenneth Chaffin

Hello, I have a Sony CRF-1 also that had the same issue as your radio has. When I pushed the knob in and tuned the display wouldn't change or it would jump around. I had to replace the rubber tire in the gearbox behind the front bezel as it was melted and not contacting the photocoupler idler properly--the shaft that it is on when the tuning knob is pushed in drives the photocoupler---if the tire is worn or melted (as mine was) it can't contact the idler that drives the photocoupler which will affect the display. I replaced it and the display works perfectly as I tune in the locked tuning mode (pushed in tuning).  My CRF-1 works great---just need to find the carrying handle as mine was missing when I bought the radio.



Hi, Ken.  How bad was it to replace the tire?  I just wrapped some electrical tape around the pulley after removing the melted rubber, but it's never been a good fix.  


Kenneth Chaffin

Hi John, I cleaned the metal pulley then replaced the melted tire with a O-ring I had lying around--I have a spare one and will try to measure the diameter for you. The tuning now works very well.    Ken 

Kenneth Chaffin

Hi John, I forgot to mention, it is a little involved getting the front off the radio to get to the pulley to change the tire. The front has to come off and the gear/pulley assembly for the main dial cord is removed carefully so it can be reassembled without having to restring it again then remove screws holding front to VFO assembly. Unclip preselector switch board & unfasten photo sensor board under gear drive underneath front of radio. Remove lamp lens and move lamps back away from the front then remove screws that fasten on/off switch to front. Once front is off I believe 3 screws need to be removed to remove the black plastic frame w/shaft off the gear drive to get at the pulley. I had some pictures I downloaded from a Japanese site that shows the disassembly and the gears/pulley itself in great detail. You will probably need the CRF-1 service manual to aid in removal of the components--it took me around 2 hours to disassemble, replace the tire and reassemble the radio.  Ken, KE4DOD 

Robert Lonn

The Tire??? What exactly is the Tire????  

Also, this link will give some visual interpretation to the radio.. My CRF-! is 100% operational, always fearing that someday it will stop as did my CRF-V21,, need to go and change those 42 capacitors someday!