Continental Railway Circle

A group for the Continental Railway Circle, relacing the continental_railway_circle Yahoo group. If you may wish to join this, see
This group covers matters relating to CRC meetings in the London and Midlands.

Also other UK groups holding meetings of an international railway interest may post details.

International steam and heritage modern traction urgent news items are welcome –
Other items can  be passed to Locomotives International editors. Note the long standing Continental Railway Journal is no longer produced. Lengthy tour reports or information that has been published elsewhere are not required. Files can be posted to the files section.

Also information on forthcoming tours and events that are operated by railways, groups and individuals which are targeted at enthusiasts and are mainly of non-commercial nature are required. Can also include, but not be limited to, photo-charters, Plandampfs, Rail tours, Open Days, Special events etc. These must be non-UK.

Requests for help or information are acceptable. (In most cases with caveat that replies go directly to the originator off group)

The language of the group will be English. Foreign language postings are acceptable however it would be appreciated if the originator can provide at minimum an outline summary or explanation in English. When posting information please ensure the subject contains meaningful information including location and date. Also provide separate postings for multiple events. Where information is not provided directly by the organiser recipients should verify the information directly before making irrevocable travel plans.

Cover photo North Korean JF 2-6-2 at Hyangsang. This locomotive was saved as it hauled a train for former leader Kim Il Sung. Adrian Palmer 30th October 2019

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