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- Volume 16, Issue 26, December 21, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

New links in these categories:





05: HTML.






11: XML.


12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Understanding WCAG 2.1 - Reviewing Low Vision Success Criteria

By Glenda Sims.

"Hi, everyone! I'm back to talk more about WCAG 2.1 and its latest
December 7th working draft…"

Accessibility for Mobile Web: Fixing Pinch to Zoom

By CB Averitt.

"Hey, everyone! Let's talk a little bit about
pinch to zoom on a mobile device…"

Web Accessibility in the Corporate World

By Donna Maddox.

"One of the biggest misconception in Web Accessibility today is that
it is simple and straightforward and the guidelines should be
sufficient to help us make Accessible web pages and user interfaces…"

How to Boost Your Website's Accessibility + SEO

By Carie Fisher.

"…If you have a limited budget and/or timeframe for a project,
targeting these six areas may simultaneously boost both SEO and
website accessibility…" how-to-boost-both-your-website-accessibility-seo-c7ee63625cdd

Building a Culture of Accessibility: Leadership Roles

By Dennis Lembree.

"My colleagues and I believe in sustainable accessibility efforts…" building-culture-accessibility-leadership-roles/

Getting Started in Accessibility: A Philosophy

By Alaina Wiens.

"Alaina Wiens shares her thoughts on her advocacy in accessibility,
and how she reminds herself that accessibility is a pursuit, a
philosophy and is no longer going to worry about where to start
because making the web truly accessible is about refusing to stop."

Universal Design: What Is It?

By Jeyapriya Surul.

"The year is 2017. The advancement of technology, led by key players
in the private sector, has introduced innovations that have made
applications more accessible for people with disabilities…"

"Our Users Have No Disabilities"

By Daniel Göransson.

"There are a lot of unfortunate misconceptions about people with disabilities…"

The Story of Making Wix Accessible

By Ohad Laufer.

"One of Wix's mottos is 'The Way the Web was Meant to Be'. We believe
that everyone should have a website, and of course, anyone should be
able to access and use websites built using Wix tools…" The-Story-of-How-We-Made-Wix-Accessible


Media Queries 4

By Florian Rivoal.

"Florian Rivoal at dotCSS 2017…"

CSS Flexible Box Layout

By Mozilla.

"CSS Flexible Box Layout is a module of CSS that defines a CSS box
model optimized for user interface design, and the layout of items in
one dimension…"

How Should We Resolve Percentage Margins and Padding on Grid and Flex Items?

By Rachel Andrew.

"The CSS Working Group would like your opinion…"


Avoid Leading Questions to Get Better Insights from Participants

By Amy Schade.

"In user research, the facilitator's choice of words can affect the
participants' feedback or behavior."

Eyetracking Shows How Task Scenarios Influence Where People Look (Video)

By Kara Pernice.

"Task scenarios are core to usability studies. The way researchers
write tasks can bias usability results by influencing where people
focus their attention."

What is the Value of a Website Usability Audit?

By Kim Krause Berg.

A website audit and testing are worth the investment if you want your
online business to be successful and risk-free for a long time…"

5 Metrics to Diagnose Website Problems in Online Studies

By Jeff Sauro.

"To understand problems on a website, nothing quite beats watching users…"

An Introduction to A/B Testing

By Daniel Schwarz.

"…A/B testing, in short, is about implementing two variations of a
design to see which one is better, where the primary metric to be
measured is the number of conversions (this could be sales, signups,
subscribers - whatever)…"

How to Build a Cloud-Hosted Accessibility Testing Windows Computer
using Amazon WorkSpaces

By Eric Bailey.

"Eric Bailey describes the cloud-based option offered by Amazon AWS
for developers to create powerful virtual computers in the cloud that
are easy to access, but difficult to initially set up. Eric provides
the setup steps, and offers a gift to help." testing-windows-computer-using-amazon-workspaces/

Accessibility Testing Tools for Desktop and Mobile Websites

By Paul J Adam.

"Paul J Adam demonstrates how to use automated and manual
accessibility testing tools on desktop and mobile websites, covering
five tools, the pros and cons of each tool, and describe the best
features of each tool." accessibility-testing-tools-desktop-mobile-websites/

7 Great, Tried and Tested UX Research Techniques

By Interaction Design Foundation.

"…There are many user research techniques but these 7 have shown time
and again to offer valuable input into UX projects…" 7-great-tried-and-tested-ux-research-techniques

+04: EVENTS.

Web Accessibility Evaluation for Non-technical Users (3-part course)
January 5, 2018.

Strategic Planning for Web Accessibility
February 26-March 04, 2018.
Online. olc-new-institute-schedule/institute-offerings/?id=412

South by Southwest Interactive
March 9-16, 2018.
Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

+05: HTML.

HTML 5.2 is Done, HTML 5.3 is Coming

By Charles McCathie Nevile.

"Today W3C releases HTML 5.2. This is the second revision of HTML5,
following last year's HTML 5.1 Recommendation. In 2014 we expressed a
goal to produce a revision roughly every year; HTML 5.2 is a
continuation of that commitment…"

Accessibility Through Semantic HTML

By Laura Kalbag.

"…What does neglected HTML look like? Here's an example of the markup
I found on a news site just yesterday. There's a bit of text, a few
links, and a few images. But mostly it's div elements…"


Native Form Validation 3: Error Messages and Recommendations

By Peter-Paul Koch.

"…Until these changes have been made, let's quietly forget about
native form validation. It's more trouble than it's worth."

ARIA Switch Demo

By Scott O'Hara.

"Examples of an ARIA Switch button…"

aria-errormessage (Property)

By Rakesh Paladugula.

"aria-errormessage property is used to present the error message to
a screen reader user…"

React's Accessibility Code Linter

By Scott Vinkle.

"When creating or maintaining an existing React app, do you wonder
about how to make sure the code you write helps to ensure an
accessible user interface…"


FCC Votes to Gut Net Neutrality Rules

By Web Foundation.

"…Our Founder and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee said: 'This is a
dark day for the internet. By rolling back net neutrality rules, the
FCC has cleared the path towards a dramatic overturn of how the
internet works in the US. Rather than preserving the internet as a
free market for ideas, the FCC has given a handful of companies the
power to decide what lives and dies online - ignoring the millions of
Americans who called for the protection of net neutrality. Now is not
the time to accept defeat. We must explore all judicial and political
options in order to save the free and open internet'…"

Interview with Jeffrey Zeldman - Part 1

By Nicolas Steenhout.

"This week, I had the luck and great pleasure to talk with Jeffrey
Zeldman, who probably needs no introduction but who refers to himself
as a "web designer who's been interested in inclusive design for a
very long time."


What Working on GOV.UK Navigation Taught Us About Accessibility

By Andy Sellick.

"If you're a screen reader user you can hopefully appreciate this
small improvement on GOV.UK right now. We've also made sure that this
work is clearly documented so that it can't be overlooked and
accidentally removed in any future work." what-working-on-gov-uk-navigation-taught-us-about-accessibility/


Web Typography & Layout: Past, Present, and Future

By A List Apart.

"…Three experts-Mozilla's Jen Simmons, publication design legend Roger
Black, and ALA's Jeffrey Zeldman-discuss typography and layout on
today's web: where we are now, and where we're going…"


10 UX Design Predictions For 2018

By Nick Babich.

"…In this article, I go through some of the trends that will shape UX
design in 2018 and, possibly, for several more years to come…"

+11: XML.

SVG, Icon Fonts, and Accessibility: A Case Study

By Dennis Lembrée.

"Dennis Lembrée provides a brief history of web icons, the pros & cons
of several development solutions, and the impact to accessibility on
each via a case study featuring the web app Easy Chirp."

[Section one ends.]


+12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?
Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

Drupal Information.

Evaluation & Testing Information.

Event Information.

HTML Information.

Information Architecture Information.

JavaScript Information.

Miscellaneous Web Information.

Navigation Information.

PHP Information.

Sites & Blogs Listing.

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

Tool Information.

Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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