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- Volume 16, Issue 10, August 31, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

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06: HTML.




10: TOOLS.




13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


What's New in WCAG 2.1

By Adrian Roselli.

"…Everything below is pulled from the Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, W3C Working Draft dated 16 August 2017, but if
you are reading this well after that date and don't care so much, just
visit the latest release instead…"

Inclusive Design - An Evening with Derek Featherstone (Video)

By Derek Featherstone.

"This presentation will touch on aspects of design that considers
everyone. Then we'll open it up for an engaging Q&A session (bordering
a roundtable discussion) on inclusive design and how it can be baked
into our daily workflows…"

Tooltips and Toggletips

By Heydon Pickering.

"…In this article, I'll be looking at situations which might call for
a tooltip or else a toggletip, and formulating inclusive
implementations for each…"

Auto-Captions vs. Editing Auto-Captions vs. Re-Captioning in Post-Production

By Patrick Loftus.

"…for organizations that want to both accommodate the needs of those
who watch video without sound and those who cannot hear, it is in
their best interests to seek the most efficient and scalable
captioning solution that works for their purposes. Whether it's
in-house, through a third-party service, or a combination of both,
what matters most is that your process produces captions that are
accurate and high-quality." recaptioning-vs-editing-live-captions-and-autocaptions/


Screen Readers and CSS: Are We Going Out of Style (and into Content)?

By John Northup.

"Developers often ask how various CSS declarations translate to the
screen reader experience…"

Problem Space

By Jeremey Keith.

"…I very much appreciate the efforts that people have put into coming
up with great naming systems and methodologies, even the ones I don't
necessarily agree with. They're all aiming to make that overlap of
HTML and CSS less painful. But the really hard problem is where people

+03: DRUPAL.

Accessibility Issues in Drupal + What You Can Do to Fix Them (Video)

By Damien McKenna.

"Last month we talked about what the accessibility issues are in
Drupal core...this month our speaker Damien McKenna will talk about
the next steps in resolving these issues…"


Order Effects in Usability Questionnaires

By Stephanie B. Linek.

"…The presented empirical study investigated order effects for the
arrangement of the usability evaluation of the components of a

Revisiting the Factor Structure of the System Usability Scale

By James (Jim) R. Lewis and Jeff Sauro.

"…Because a distinction based on item tone is of little practical or
theoretical interest, we recommend that user experience practitioners
and researchers treat the SUS as a unidimensional measure of perceived
usability, and no longer routinely compute Usability and Learnability

Usability Testing of Spoken Conversational Systems

By Susan L. Hura.

"…The purpose of this editorial is to share practical experience,
introduce concerns particular to speech, and point out potential

When to Provide Assistance in a Usability Test

By Jeff Sauro.

"…Here are ten things to consider when deciding when an assist is
warranted in a usability test…"

Vanity Metrics Need to Die

By Kristina Bjoran.

"…Let's all do ourselves a favor: fight the good fight against vanity.
Fight for truth in data."


By Bernard Tyers.

"This is a short guide to our approach to build a low-cost user
research studio…"

+05: EVENTS.

Buffalo Accessibility Meetup
September 20, 2017.
Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

Accessibility Scotland
September 22, 2017.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Revised Section 508 Chapter 5 Software (including Mobile)
September 26, 2017

International Day of People with Disability
December 3, 2017.

Digital Summit Dallas
December 5-6, 2017.
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

+06: HTML.

Mapping in HTML - a Proposal for a New Element

By Terence Eden.

"This is a sketch of a proposal for a new HTML element to simplify
displaying maps on a website. I'd like your comments and criticisms
before I submit it…" mapping-in-html-a-proposal-for-a-new-element/

Firefox 57 Will be Less Chatty to Screen Readers in Some Situations

By Marco Zehe.

"Over the last few days, I landed two changes to Firefox which change
how we expose implicit landmarks of some HTML5 elements. This is to
make screen readers a bit less chatty in certain situations. For many
years, Firefox has exposed certain new HTML5 elements like <header>,
<footer>, <nav>, <main>, or <aside> with their corresponding WAI-ARIA
landmark semantics…" firefox-57-will-less-chatty-screen-readers-situations/


On Demand Live Regions

By Heydon Pickering.

"A tiny module for making screen readers announce text on demand,
without a visual change to the interface…"

JavaScript Scope and Closures

By Zell Liew.

"…Here's an explanation of scopes and closures to help you understand
what they are…"


Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

By Tuukka Ojala.

"'Something's a little bit off here.' That's what I predict your first
thought to be upon seeing my cubicle for the first time. There's no
screen or mouse in sight. Instead there's a guy hammering away on a
keyboard, staring at seemingly nothing…"


Back-to-Top Button Design Guidelines

By Hoa Loranger.

"9 UX guidelines for Back to Top links which help users navigate to
the top of long pages. Depending on users' needs, other techniques may
be more appropriate on some sites…"

How to Return to the Top of a Web Page

By Deborah Edwards-Onoro.

"While I was reading today's Nielsen Norman Group's article on
back-to-top links design guidelines, it confirmed something I noticed
when I recently conducted usability testing…"

+10: TOOLS.

By AccessLint.
AccessLint is a GitHub App that finds accessibility issues in your
pull requests…"


Improve Web Typography with CSS Font Size Adjust

By Gajendar Singh.

"The font-size-adjust property in CSS allows developers to specify the
font-size based on the height of lowercase letters instead of
uppercase letters. This can significantly improve the legibility of
text on the web…"

User Interfaces for Variable Fonts

By Andrew Johnson.

"The tools we design with have a unique effect on the way we work,
constraining and empowering us while we explore, examine and create.
Variable fonts give us a new, wide open typographic space with which
to work. Instead of prescribing value to individual UI elements in a
vacuum, we should take a hybrid and calculated approach to variable
font interfaces. How do we structure our design tools to adapt to the
new advantages variable fonts provide us with?"


The Sad Story of a Lonely Piece of Content

By Gerry McGovern.

"…we all have to work together. Content and code. Break down these
stupid silos and barriers that humans are always putting up. The
content and the code in harmony and indivisible. No more barriers or
borders so that we can create the seamless customer experience…"

7 Deadly UX Sins (and How to Avoid Them)

By Justinmind.

"UX fails that keep showing up: nasty UI navigation, destructive
sign-up forms and page speeds from hell…"

Service Blueprints: Definition

By Sarah Gibbons.

"Service blueprints visualize organizational processes in order to
optimize how a business delivers a user experience."

The State of UX According to Autocomplete

By Fabricio Teixeira.

"Believe it or not, the difference between UX and UI is still one of
the most searched topics of all time…" the-state-of-ux-according-to-autocomplete-8f7f8613cc9c

[Section one ends.]


+13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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