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- Volume 16, Issue 08, August 16, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

New links in these categories:


02: BOOKS.




06: HTML.






11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Inclusive Design Principle: Be Consistent

By Heydon Pickering.

"This article is one in a series of articles on The Paciello Group
blog aimed at unpacking each of the Inclusive Design Principles. This
time the principle is Be Consistent..."

Inclusive Design Posters from Barclays

By Henny Swan.

"Our friends at Barclays have designed some beautiful posters of the
Inclusive Design Principles shared under Creative Commons..."

Inclusive Design 24 (#ID24) November 2017

By Léonie Watson.

"We had so much fun in June we're doing it again. Inclusive Design 24
(#ID24) is on Thursday 16 November 2017, and the call for
presentations is open!..."

Inaccessible YouTube Embeds

By Adrian Roselli.

"Most of us in the accessibility biz (do we call it that? I think we
call it that…) already know that YouTube's default embed code is
problematic. Specifically, the fact that the <iframe> does not have a
title attribute is an automatic WCAG 2.0 AA failure..."

#CaptionFail: Did You Catch That? (QUIZ)

By Sofia Enamorado.

"Automatic captions are easy, free, and convenient. But too many times
automatic captions are wrong, wrong, and wrong..."

How to Structure Headings for Web Accessibility

By Amani Ali.

"When is a heading not a heading? Serious question, the answer lies
behind one of the most common accessibility problems on the web..."

Reply to "Building Accessible Single Page Apps"

By Dennis Lembrée.

"For dynamic screen changes in an SPA, I highly recommend setting
focus to the region with new content, preferably to a top-level
heading within the new content. An ARIA live region will read new
content to a screen reader user but the keyboard focus will remain in
a illogical location on the screen, and very often focus will be lost
entirely since content is removed. Reading out all the new content may
also be overwhelming for the user."

Spokane Schools Swept up in Nationwide Barrage of ADA Website

Accessibility Complaints

By Eli Francovich.

"A civil rights complaint filed by a Michigan woman is prompting
Spokane Public Schools to make its website accessible for users with
disabilities. The complaint is one of more than 1,700 that
education-activist Marcie Lipsitt has single-handedly filed nationwide
in a year and a half blitz..."

New York Court Chides Other Approaches to Web Accessibility

By Alexis Kramer.

"A federal district court has added fuel to an ongoing debate among
courts over the extent to which the Americans With Disabilities Act
covers business websites..."

Memorandum and Order on Defendant's Motion To Dismiss (Blick Case) (PDF)

By Jack B. Weistein, Senior United States District Judge.

+02: BOOKS.

Andrew, Rachel. The New CSS Layout, A Book Apart, 2017.


The Difference Between Explicit and Implicit Grids

By Manuel Matuzovic.

"...This article doesn't cover everything there is to know about the
explicit and implicit grid, but it should give you more than a solid
understanding of the concept. Knowing why and how implicit lines and
tracks a created is vital for working with Grid Layout."


Why Testing Designs with Users Is Still a Major Challenge for Companies

By Markus Pirker.

"The good folks at UXPin have just released their annual Enterprise UX
Industry Report..."

How to Conduct User Interviews

By Tiffany Cheng.

"Over the past couple of weeks, I've conducted a dozen user interviews
to uncover insights on what customers do and why they do it. I'd like
to share a guide on how to go about implementing them for those who
are just getting started or those who want to brush up..."

When To Go Guerrilla With UX Recruiting

By Amanda Stockwell.

"...While I'm a huge fan of pretty much anything that helps us
pragmatically collect and integrate research, guerilla research has
its time and place..."

+05: EVENTS.

UX Conference Chicago
October 7-13, 2017.
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Accessibility Bootcamp
October 10-11, 2017.
Linthicum, Maryland, U.S.A.

Desert Code Camp
October 14, 2017.
Chandler, Arizona, U.S.A.

SmashingConf Barcelona
October 17-18, 2017.
Barcelona, Spain

Web Accessibility Training
October 24-25, 2017.
Logan, Utah, Califorina, U.S.A.

+06: HTML.

Proposal to Republish Previous Versions of HTML and XHTML as Obsolete

By Coralie Mercier.

"W3C Advisory Committee Representatives received today a proposal to
republish a series of HTML and XHTML W3C Recommendations as Obsolete
Recommendations, in response to a request from the Web Platform
Working Group as these specifications are superseded by new versions
and are no longer recommended for implementation on the Web


JavaScript and SEO: The Difference Between Crawling and Indexing

By Barry Adams.

"...If you care about SEO, less JavaScript means more efficiency. And
more efficiency means higher rankings..."


A11y Rules Podcast Interview with Denis Boudreau - Part 1

By Nicolas Steenhout.

"This is the first part of my interview with Denis Boudreau. Denis
talks about his understanding of accessibility, the importance of not
approaching it as a 'checklist', its place in the UI/UX continuum, how
becoming a parent helped him become more empathetic, and more..."


Font-size: An Unexpectedly Complex CSS Property

By Manish Goregaokar.

"So there you have it. font-size is actually pretty complicated. A lot
of the web platform has hidden complexities like this, and it's always
fun to encounter more of them."


Data-Informed Design: Minimize the Website Redesign Debate

By Jennifer Leigh Brown.

"Does the prospect of a website redesign fill you with excitement or
overwhelm you with dread? More than an online property, a website is a
reflection of a company's brand and its customer experience-and
everyone has an opinion when it's time for a redesign. When the
discussions and debates start about what to do and how to do it, the
person with data has a defensible answer to share and not just another

Above the Fold is a Myth

By Rob Lafratta.

"Because it's not 1997 anymore."

Troubleshooting Group Ideation: 10 Fixes for More and Better UX Ideas

By Kate Meyer.

"Groups can bias individuals and impact collaborative ideation. A
focus on getting as many ideas as possible can mitigate some of the
negative group effects."

Float Label Pattern in UX Form Design

By CanvasFlip.

"A comparison of all trends in form labels..."

Tracking User Behavior with Big Data: A Model for Detecting Pain

Points in the User Experience

By Li Wei.

"...In general, users experience positive or negative emotions towards
a product and brand by using and feeling the details of a product. By
building user behavior models to capture data on business objectives,
we can assess user attitudes towards our products and take further
action to make improvements."

[Section one ends.]


+11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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