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- Volume 16, Issue 06, August 02, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

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09: TOOLS.



11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


WCAG 2.1 Working Draft for Review

By Michael Cooper.

"The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group has published an updated
Working Draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. This
draft includes two new success criteria..."

Critical Development Considerations for Mobile Application Accessibility

By Sanjay Nasta and Paul J. Adam.

"Does mobile accessibility matter? Mobile has revolutionized how all
of us use the internet. For people with disabilities, however, these
devices have the potential to usher in unforeseen options for
communication, independence, and more-but only if the applications on
them have accessibility for the disabled built into their
functionality and design..." mobile-application-accessibility-part-1-of-2/

Creating Accessible Online Courses with Canvas

By Jayme Johnson.

"This is a self-guided course designed to provide you with the basic
information you need in order to create accessible online courses with


By Deque.

"A fully accessible HTML, CSS, and Javascript front-end framework for
creating web and mobile applications."

Lawyers Cash in on Suits Demanding ADA-Compliant Web Sites

By Lisa Fickenscher.

"Retailers across the country are getting slammed for operating Web
sites that discriminate against the blind or visually impaired..." lawyers-cash-in-on-suits-demanding-ada-compliant-web-sites/

Blind People Cook: A Web Accessibility Story

By Law Office of Lainey Feingold.

"...I've asked web accessibility leader and home cook extraordinaire
Lucy Greco to join me in responding to the article, Lawyers cash in on
suits demanding ADA-compliant websites..."

ADA Web Accessibility Regulatory Processes Now "Inactive"

By Jarret Cummings.

"...Work on formal ADA regulations is delayed for now, but voluntary
stakeholder collaborations involving EDUCAUSE and the broader higher
education community continue to move forward...institutions should
look to WCAG 2.0 AA as well as the ideas raised in the 2016 SANPRM and
higher education's response to it to inform their accessibility
planning and development efforts." ada-web-accessibility-regulatory-processes-now-inactive


5 CSS Properties That You Probably Don't Know

By Annarita Tranfici.

"...In this article, I'll cover 5 CSS properties that are relatively
new, that you've probably never heard of before and that I find very
interesting. The aim of this article is to give you an overview of
what they are, which values you can use, their use cases, and also
some examples..." web-development/5-css-properties-probably-still-dont-know/

+03: COLOR.

How Light Can You Go?

By Brent Jackson.

"Ever wonder what the minimum color contrast ratio is for different
font sizes?..."


Why We Say No to Surveys and Focus Groups

By Leisa Reichelt.

"You can't get authentic, actionable insights in a few
clicks...Services have to work for everyone...It's not about
preference...Setting real-life tasks is more valuable than 'tell us
what you think'..."

Search-Log Analysis: The Most Overlooked Opportunity in Web UX Research

By Susan Farrell.

"Your website's search engine can tell you what your web visitors
want, how they look for it, and how well your content strategy meets
their needs."

The Art of Guerrilla Usability Testing

By David Peter Simon.

"Guerrilla usability testing is a powerful technique..."

+05: EVENTS.

Pacific Northwest PHP
September 7-9, 2017.
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

UX Conference New York City
September 9-15, 2017.
New York, New York, U.S.A.

Smashing Conference Freiburg
September 11-12, 2017.
Freiburg, Germany


The Approachable Guide to Prototyping for Accessibility with Axure RP

By Axure.

"This guide pulls together a number of accessibility issues worthy of
your consideration as you develop your next Axure RP prototype, along
with some simple steps you can take in the tool to pilot your project
toward an outcome that's more friendly for all types of people to
consume..." approachable-guide-prototyping-accessibility-axure-rp/

Accessibility and Prototyping Axure in Conversation with Jennifer Sutton

By Axure.

"This interview is a companion piece to our new Approachable Guide to
Prototyping for Accessibility with Axure RP..." accessibility-prototyping-axure-conversation-jennifer-sutton/


Frameworks, Libraries, and the Modern Web Developer: Web Development, Overdone

By Jens Oliver Meiert.

"...we're raising tool-dependent rather than self-reliant developers.
It's the problem of us having slipped into a downward spiral, when we
look to hire people fluent in Bootstrap, jQuery, and Less, rather than
knowing how to write tailored quality code themselves; and to hire
more tool-versed developers to solve problems we only have because of
Bootstrap, jQuery, Less, and all those other tools..."

Web Development: How Making Our Own Lives Difficult Is More Important

Than We Think

By Jens Oliver Meiert.

"...On the one hand, having good tools makes our work (and life) more
efficient, more productive, a lot easier. But on the other hand, and
this is what I was aiming at back then, and what we observe these days
as well, does lack of tools make us set better priorities, make us
more focused, and make us better craftsmen..."


Accessible Custom Select Dropdowns

By Dennis Lembree.

"In web development, creating custom select dropdowns is difficult. It
requires a lot of resources to sufficiently design (annotating the
interaction, etc) and develop (the Javascript is fairly complex and
the ARIA isn't easy) and then test..."

+09: TOOLS.

The Practical Role of Automated Web Accessibility Testing Tools

By Hiram Kuykendall.

"...By understanding the limitations and costs associated with
automated accessibility testing packages, organizations can strengthen
their existing accessibility programs and create long-term,
sustainable, accessible websites and web applications." role-web-accessibility-testing-tools/

Find aria-hidden With This Bookmarklet

By Ted Drake.

"Use this bookmarklet to find aria-hidden attributes on your page..."


Effective UI Texts: Words to Avoid in Writing

By Nick Babich.

"Neat, coherent, and obvious texts make interfaces more intuitive and
instill confidence. Below you will find all common words to avoid in
writing when you create a text for your UI."

Media Use Habits: What, Why, When, and How People Read Online

By Olesya Kukoleva, Anna Preobrazhenskaya and Olga Sidorova.

"...We conducted a diary study to get a real picture of online media
use and understand readers and their habits. To see media through
users' eyes and better understand what, why, when, and how people
read, we literally had to look at users' screens..." media-use-habits-what-why-when-and-how-people-read-online.php

If I Could Tell You 3 Things

By Leisa Reichelt.

"1.) Your organisation will benefit more from you being user centred
than the users ever will... 2.) Orient everything you can in your
organisation around real user journeys... 3.) Seek the truth, even if
it's ugly..." if-i-could-tell-you-3-things-notes-from-a-brief-career-in-the-public-service/

Functional Fixedness Stops You From Having Innovative Ideas

By Aurora Harley.

"People's blindness to alternate uses of objects limits their
problem-solving capabilities and stifles creativity. Overcome
functional fixedness by abstracting problems to generate
outside-the-box ideas."

Does Anyone Use Social Sharing Buttons on Mobile?

By Moovweb.

"...Users are 11 and a half times more likely to tap an advertisement
than they are to tap on a social sharing button on mobile...."

Disabled Buttons Don't Have to Suck!

By Daniel Koster.

"Disabled buttons often suck, but they don't have to..." disabled-buttons-dont-have-to-suck-6dcd22b16b6

[Section one ends.]


+11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

Drupal Information.

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Miscellaneous Web Information.

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XML Information.

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