New VE2DX ICOM Needle Meter Demos


Hello guys, Here is the demo of our 100% VE2DX ICOM Needle Meter. Hardware and code are 100% VE2DX Electronic.
Let me be clear, this unit supports Bluetooth radios and 19 CI-V ICOM Radios using a simple 1/8 mono audio cable. Among other things, It supports ; - 19 ICOM Radios, - 3 cabled CI-V Speeds, - Bluetooth CI-V for radios like the 705/905, - it has CI-V data indicators in the upper corners for Bluetooth (Left) and Cabled radios (Right), - By default, it always shows S-Meter data - and then the user can select ALC, Power or SWR while in Transmit mode, - it shows the data using the needle and also numerically, - it shows the operating frequency and a Transverter offset can be added if need be, - finally, it also shows Mode (Including Data modes) and Filter settings... There is a lot of flexibility available to the user via the menu system changing; - Radio Model, - CI-V Speed, - Turning on/off DataLeds, - Selecting Transverter modes, - Changing Background color (White or Black), - Adjusting Brightness, - Beep Volume, - ScreenSaver timer, - Power off - and exiting the menu. Please drop by WWW.VE2DX.COM for more info
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