new 705 meter


Hello guys, as some of you are aware I have a small lab where I work on Ham Radio devices and have been doing a lot of work around CI-V devices and hubs.

Well after many months of work, I am introducing this week my ICOM Meter this meter was originally based on the work done and published in QST that I modified as shown in Dayton to adapt my new VE2DX CT17B-Micro Internal RF Filtered 3 Ports CI-V Ports.  My new meter supports 15 icom radios via CI-V and 1 via BT (705), and will link Bluetooth and Cabled devices like radios or OEM CI-V devices.

Also, the Bluetooth link can be used to connect your computer or cellphone to your CI-V devices and radio for use with software like HRD.

Please drop in to take a look WWW.VE2DX.COM
Richard VE2DX, Jesus Island, PQ-014

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