Re: Can I operate two radios over CI-V an same CI-V HUB.


I fully agree, Dave!

Could be debated that even Icom does not always follow properly there own standards...

And it is very difficult to know if all application and hardware design (firmware) apply or not the ICOM standards properly...

The issue of the Applications ALWAYS using E0... This is wrong, if multiple radios are being accessed by an application on a single CI-V bus a different controller address should be assigned.

And I agree also that putting multiple radios (that do not need to be on the bus) on the same bus bring multiple issues of collision.

And you have to be careful about OEM devices... devices like Band decoders are not always passive, some like the Band Decoder II actually can be active polling the radio, this can definitively cause a collision with other radio, devices or applications.  A device like a band decoder SHOULD be passive sniffing the data on the bus if another device or application is already using the CI-V bus that needs priority...

I have been working on a very flexible routing approach for many months, debugging at this time latency issues...but this approach does help some of these issues.

Depending on your needs you should ALWAYS keep in mind the possibilities of collisions on your CI-V bus, and look at the need to split your station into multiple CI-V Bus set up to prevent this.

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