IC-705 antenna switch from band

Mark Kyle

Hi Richard.
I have been looking at the CT-17 BT6 interface but not sure if it will do what I want..maybe you have another idea or even better something already done . I am setting up my 705 as a remote station. It will be done with the new Mac software that DL2YMR has made that uses the wifi in the 705 as the network link

I want to be able to change antennas via a remote switch at the remote site. so when on the HF bands I can be on a HF antenna and when on VHF to be on a VHF antenna and the same for UHF. Each will also have a linear amp on them for the correct band.
Others have said to use a combination of duplexers but that introduces too many losses. It would be better to use a relay based system. The relays of course only need to be small RF ones due to the 705 power

MarkĀ  VK4KZK also VK4OI

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