Re: Looking for an ICOM IC-705 for Bluetooth tests

Michael Aust

   I know how to setup the IC-705 for WSJT-X
with a USB Cable between the IC-705 and a PC
and have done that before many times !

What I want to do is NOT use a USB cable and do it 
with Bluetooth ( No USB Cable ) BT for both Audio and Data 

Tried via the WLAN Server and no luck, apparently 
the RS-BA1v2 Utility when connected to the PC 
only allows one to use the Icom RS-BA1 software 
and Virtual Port fine but if you try to use the Icom
Virtual Port it does not want to share it for WSJT-X 
on a Windows 10 PC, even Com0Com will not
share a Pair with the Icom Virtual Com Port 

So the only other method is via Bluetooth to
link CI-V and Audio Incoming and Outgoing
to WSJT-X from the IC-705 Bluetooth BT 

That why I thought you might know about how to connect Bluetooth BT from a ICOM IC-705 to WSJT-X without
using The typical USB cable approach which seems to
generate RFI in the HF Bands 


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