Re: Looking for an ICOM IC-705 for Bluetooth tests


OH! MAN! Dan! you're killing me! (Don't tell my XYL Guys!)

Like I responded to Mike below, this works fine in Windows, now I really don't know anything about the Pi Server you guys are using (Sry!) but, just like in windows you SHOULD (????) be able to access both the audio Codec and CI-V Data port...

Maybe there are users of that PI Server in the group (PLEASE! Jump in!!!)

send me reference data or links to that server I will be happy to into it (no promises!) at least this way the wife wont know about me not pushing sales more :P 

Warning Sales Pitch coming: guys drop by WWW.VE2DX.COM for more info on my stuff and also drop into the used and book section! See Moose (canadian version for DEER! Get it DEER... Moose!!!) I tried!

Dont have to be crazy to be a canuc but it helps!

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