CI-V address can I change them?


The answer is YES, but you must understand that this will affect your applications and something the other devices linked to your radio

The ICOM CI-V protocol uses 2 digit adressing for the ICOM radios, in most cases the addresses are predefine depending on the radios example 7300 is H94.

obviously because of this, most softwares have these addresses defined also by default, thus if you change you CI-V address then you MUST also change your software.

This is common is situation like SO2R where you want to have lets say 2 IC-7300 on the same CI-V bus obviously one of them will be at H94 but what about the otheone, you must change the address of the second one or there will be a conflict.

becarefull, some non-icom CI-V devices like the WX0B first generation Bandmaster need to have the ICOM device address of the originating radio to be able to work thus these may also need to be reconfigured.


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