IC--PW1 CI-V collision bug


If you are an IC-PW1 owner you are probably aware of the problems with running the IC-PW1 using CI-V. This is a very well known issue clearly documented by ICOM that says NOT to operate the ICOM IC-PW1 using CI-V unless directly linked to the RADIO and ONLY the RADIO, collisions from the radio or other devices or PC on the CI-V bus causing issues with IC=PW1 not to operate properly. Instead, it is strongly recommended to use the ACC1/ACC2 ports and the band data voltage to do so with ONLY the radio link on the CI-V buss...

(See attached image)

For years the only known fix was one of two options, use the ACC1/2 Band voltage cable with the CI-V only link between the radio and the IC-PW1 as strongly recommended by ICOM or use a SIMILI CI-V router (I say SIMILI here because it ain't a real ROUTER as such, it adds latency by absorbing the data and using RELAYS  turns ON/OFF the different CI-V links and echos the data...).

Well now with there is a solution; the newer radios like the 7300 and 7610 and possibly other more high-end radios can be used without these issues, if you control your radio via the USB port and ECHO the CI-V to the CI-V Physical port (REMOTE) then the radio becomes a True Router. This way your radio can still be control by an application on your PC via CI-V and the radio control can still be linked to the IC-PW1.

Mind you there is a limitation; This approach solves the PC application needs but not the having multiple ICOM or Non-ICOM devices on the CI-V bus, since you are still limited to a single ICOM IC-PW1 on the CI-V Buss, NO OTHER devices (ICOM or Non-ICOM) since these on the CI-V bus could STILL cause possible collisions and affect the IC-PW1.

Well, I have someone looking into a REAL CI-V Router, that would manage collisions, still in the sperm level at this point, not even any foreplay! But keep in touch here, in the Blog section of WWW.VE2DX.COM or on our www.facebook.com/ve2dx Facebook page to see where we are with that... But it won't be tomorrow morning... too many other things going on...

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