Are all ICOM radios using same CI-V commands?


Answer is NO, the CI-V protocol has evolved since the early days on radios like the IC-735 where the commands sets were very basic like freq up and down, set freq and set bands (and more obviously!)

Now you can send your radios in TX, trigger the Voice Keyer, even program your CW Keyer via CI-V and A LOT MORE...

Most ICOM radios manual contain all the CI-V supported by the radios, but we did find some hidden gems like on the 7300 were some 7610 commnds that are REALLY nice that work ALSO on the 7300 that are NOT in hte 7300 manuals!!!  Hint!

there is older german web site that shows this information but only on older ICOM radios, still very good reference


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