CT-17B evolution


Some users have asked us about the fact that the USB cable on the CT-17Bs are fixed length and hardwire, the present design was done to keep the units as small as possible.  The USB cables presently used are 36 inches long wich is appropriate for most application, but we do understand not all!  And being in an RF environnement we understand that the users are concerned about using extension cables.

In our next generation CT-17B (late summer 2020) the original design will still be available, but we will also offer a little larger design second generation with a USB Mini connector thus giving the user the possibility of replacing the cable as needed.

other variant and improvement of the CT17B second generation ;
- mini FTDI USB connector.
- Better RF filtering.
- A Bluetooth version that will not have any USB ports and will communicat with the computer via bluetooth.
- A version with DTR and DCD opto isolated keyed output for CW, PTT and RTTY FSK.


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