Re: ICOM Memory keypads family of products comming soon.


OK Guys! Finale version of the IMK (Icom Memory Keypad) family, bigest changes;
- IMK2 None, ready to go.
- IMK3, added TX light, changed for the Larger PTT button.
- IMK3B well thats where most of the major changes are, the radio switching was a challenge, ended up using a very small microprocessor and it works GREAT, added LEDs for TX and Radio indicator (radio1 / Radio2) positioning is key to helping the operator.
sending the design for PCB fabrication tonite and ordering my parts the whole family will be great but IMK3B uP will be WOW!
And YES I am still working on the IMK1, the first one will be same form factor as the existing IMK family products, the touch screen (if I can find a capacitive touch screen that works well enough!) will likely be similar form factor, this design is small ergonimic and really great.
Hope you like it, please send me your questions and suggestions at ve2dx@....
PS: still aiming for June release :-P
Richard VE2DX
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