ICOM Memory keypads family of products comming soon.


Well am still working on the CI-V based 8 memories keypad for the 7300, 9700and 7610, but running into major issues with finding a 
good quality capacity touch screen at a fair price to make the keypad feasable, the resistive touch keypads are just not good enougth,
will probably release a tactile switch version first (like IMK2, 3 and 3B.

Meanwhile, am looking at releasing soon the IMK2, IMK3 and IMK3B family, the IMK1 Tactile version will look similar to IMK3B but with 8 memories...

Well still working on the IMK keypads family of products, looks like the first products to come out will be the IMK2 for highend
ICOM radios with Keypad jacks in the back, we added PTT and Spare buttons, these come out on the tip (PTT) and Ring (Spare)
of the PTT Out jack in the back of the IMK2, the spare is a Normaly Open switch (low current) to control other devices in the shack.
The IMK3 I am still debating using the VERY large PTT button like on the IMK3B (comments?) other then that unit is pretty mutch
done, we did have to make the PCB 10mm larger then originaly planned for prper key spacing issues.
The IMK3B is the BIG BROTHER of the others, the IMK3B is an IMK3 on steroids! it supports via a new option card 2 radios,
you can switch from Radio1 to Radio2 on the fly with the two distinct radio selectors. The PTT button is larger and based on 4
seperate switchs making operations easier, the Headphone jacks have both radios (one on each side) as with all the IMK
products you have the MFS (Mempry footswitch) jacks, MFS1 can be configured via jumpers inside the IMK to any of the
memory (8 on IMK2 and 4 on IMK3 and IMK3B), PTT input, Front and Rear audio output (rear is switched off when
front is in use) and powered aux input microphone perfect for your BM800,
let me know what you think.
Richard VE2DX
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