Re: Band Stacking Registers; CI-V Commands


Heres a few comments;
Mode poll Rx : FE FE 98 E0 26 01 FD (This is from the Application E0)  FE FE E0 98 26 01 00 00 02 FD  (Response back from the radio 98, with 01 00 00 02 as the DATA meaning 01 = Sub 00= LSB 00= Data mode OFF and 02= Filter is set to Filter 2
Poll Split : FE FE 98 E0 0F FD This seems to be missing a response???
Split Rx : FE FE 98 E0 0F FD You see this one is complete, why was there another above???) FE FE E0 98 0F 00 FD  and this is the proper response, the split is OFF
Direct Radio Hex Command : FE FE 98 E0 1A 01 03 02 FD Here you are asking the 7610 on 40m to select stack 2 but again I am missing a response from the radio??? radio response would start with FE FE E0 98
Poll main VFO : FE FE 98 E0 25 00 FD Agreed?
VFO poll Rx : FE FE 98 E0 25 00 FD Why are you sending it twice? this is wrong? FE FE E0 98 25 00 00 00 13 07 00 FD and a proper response from the 7610
Poll sub VFO : FE FE 98 E0 25 01 FD Agreed but no respons?
All I can think of here is that the confusion over the missing responses would be caused by the ECHO mode in your CI-V settings, are using the USB port or the CI-V (Remote port on the back of the 7610 and pls describe the setup for these recording how were they made?

Back to the Stack issue, the radio never respond to the command, I am thinking of a timing issue possible there is some confusionon the recordings, but at least the other commands were responded to, I am thinking of a possible timming issue or collisions you may want to had (too mutch) delay between the commands to see if the radio reacts and then adjust the timming between commands.

Hope this helps (and without any sales pitch :-D )


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