Yeasu ATAS-100/120 to ICOM CI-V project automatic controller (IAC1)


Here is another Ham project been working on for a while now and with warmer weathers up here in the GREAT WHITE NORTH! I realy need to finish this one soon and install the antenna on the mobile :-P

the IAC1 (Icom Atas-100/120 automatic controller) is working on the bench and is really simple, but I am sorry to say trying to make better (a bit more complicated, just a bit promise!) the unit uses CI-V to monitor the radio and when you change frequency or hit the TUNE button will move the ATAS-100/120 to the needed frequency, to my knowledge (Google searchs) it would be the only automatic interface existing.

the issue I am dealing with are ;

1- making it smaller, ok almost done
2- the unit sits near the radio and often the radio is in the trunk so the unit must have a seperate control head, well should (SHOULD) not be an issue just run a cable!
3- I dont want to run ANOTHER cable! so looking at wireless (wifi or Bluetooth!), found solution now GOT TO MAKE IT WORK!

OK, OK, OK! I like to have lots of BELLS and WISTLES...  and flashing lights...

But dont worry, I will keep the unit and remote very small and simple, a small display and coup of buttons (what...  up down and tune. is what I am thinking of, for manual operations.)

so this one I hope should be coming soon, PCB design is almost done and need to get the prototype working to send the PCB to manufacturing.

ah! AH! some older ICOM radio wont have all the needed commands, thats ok, I can still use CI-V and will have the option of added hardware to fix that...

Hope this helps :-P

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