CI-V Project hoping to get working... soon... :-P


Ok, here is a project I am still working on, the IMK1 (ICOM 8 MEMRY KEYPAD), is a 8 memory keys keypad for the 7300, 9700 and 7610 probably other need to check...

the unit is NOT attached to the microphone, it is attached to the REMOTE (CI-V) port on the back of the radio and uses CI-V to trigger ALL 8 memories unlike the standard 4 keys setup from ICOM using the Microphone.

I will also come out with a standard microphone 4 memories variation with PTT, up and down buttons, Foot PTT plug, 2 Memry Foot switch plug, aux mic and headphone plug

and finaly for highend ICOM radios like 7610 a simple 8 button external keypad.

so its coming (I think! I guess! yep it will like all my other Ham projects! oops!)


Richard ve2dx

Hope this helps :-P

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