What is the difference between an original Icom CT17 and the VE2DX CT-17B


the original Icom CT-17 is still available from some Ham Radio retaillers, but it is dating from the 1980s.

the new just release VE2DX CT-17B Icom CI-V hub, is an improved windows 10 plug and play variation of the original ICOM CT17.

Here are the difference
1- ICOM CT17  needs external Power the VE2DX CT-17B does not need ANY external power since it is powered via the USB port.
2- Icom CT17 computer interface is via an RS232c DB25 connector while the VE2DX CT-17B is using an FTDI Chipset USB port.
3- Icom CT17 is 4 CI-V ports and one RS232C DB25, while the VE2DX CT-17B can be 5 CI-V ports, 5 CI-V ports plus an FTDI USB port, 10 CI-V ports, 10 CI-V ports plus an FTDI USB port or 10 CI-V ports plus two FTDI USB port.
4- Icom CT17 all ports are talking to each other, also true on 5 and 6 ports  VE2DX CT-17B but on the CT17B1X series (10, 11 and 12 ports) the CT17B can be split into two seperate 5 or 6 ports hubs thus giving the user more flexibility.
5- Icom CT17 has a rf choke seperating the ci-v ports from the RS232C port, while on the  VE2DX CT-17B  each ci-v and usb ports are isolated fom each othe with RFI protections.
6- Icom CT17 is 4 times larger then the  VE2DX CT-17B .
7- The  VE2DX CT-17B  has magnets under the unit to help attach the  VE2DX CT-17B  to the side of your radio.




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hope this helps :-P

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