NoVA ME/CFS, FMS, OI, & Long Covid Support Group

CFSupport is the e-list of Northern VA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M. E., FMS, and Orthostatic Intolerance Support Group. Please join us in seeking help for and offering hope to those with these and overlapping disorders and similar syndromes (see below). Yahoo ended its support for groups and here we started fresh here at in late 2020.

For the longest time, only CFSupport's moderators could post to keep traffic low. For 2023, posting is open to all members to share notes and questions, articles about treatment and research, professionals list updates and more. Members will have to have their first message approved by moderators and then can post freely. If too much email happens, we may make a new plan. Members can set their account to no email and just read at website. Another option is to set account to special notices only from moderators. is our website. Our group, site, list, and notices are informal and all volunteer, approached with care and understanding.

Please keep posts constructive, encouraging, and informational, and occasional so as not to overwhelm. 

CFSupport gives occasional updates on Elly's Gratitude Group (EGG) e-mail, the EGGdish, a group who members help each other shift focus to what is working well, what can be appreciated, and to experience how our perspective influences health. We encourage each other to spend more energy on the uplifting and less energy on the draining. 

CFS & CFIDS -Chronic Fatigue (and Immune Dysfunction) Syndrome
FM & FMS -Fibromyalgia and Fibromyalgia Syndrome
ME -Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Encephalopathy
OI -Orthostatic Intolerance (Problems upright & still). Eg: MVPS, POTS, & NMH.
MVPS/D -Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome / Dysautonomia
POTS -Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
NMH -Neurally Mediated Hypotension aka Delayed Orthostatic Hypotension

MCS -Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
IBS -Irritable Bowel Syndrome
GWS -Gulf War Syndrome
CMSI-Chronic Multi Symptom Illness
cLD - Chronic Lyme
LongHauler - Long Covid - post COVID19 - PASC

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