Cape Cod Scottish Session

The Cape Cod Scottish Session (CCSS)* began November 2013.
7-9pm sessions on Tuesdays:
1st in East Falmouth 508-457-9383
2nd in Brewster 774-722-1033 (on hiatus)
3rd in Centerville 617-470-4045  

Featured are reels, strathspeys, jigs, marches, airs, etc of Scotland, Cape Breton and PEI. Tunes are selected and contributed by participants, who provide sheet music** for learning and can be found in this website's Files section. **when introducing a new tune, please bring clear, easy to read copies of the sheet music (8 copies is a safe bet).
All levels are welcome. The only requirement is the ability (given sufficient time and practice) to pick up new tunes by ear or from sheet music. It is fine to play with sheet music, but it should never interfere with other players. Your personal goal should be to dispense with it and rely on memory (yes, it can happen!).
Fiddles, flutes, pipes, and whistles are the usual scottish instruments; but guitars, mandolins, banjos, bouzoukis, harps, and other chord playing instruments, are welcome as long as you keep the volume down, contribute melody, and your chords and rhythm don't interfere with the others' hearing of the melody. The session is about unison playing of melody, not chording and harmony. Playing random chords and rhythms (noodling) is very disruptive to melody players trying to pick up a new melody. Singers of Scottish song are also welcome.
We go around the circle to insure that everyone has a chance to play their Scottish party piece. To accommodate a range of abilities we ask that everyone respect the tempo (from slowly to full speed) set by the player who leads the tune regardless of whether you think its too slow or too fast. Good listening, as well as good playing, is part of participating in a session.

*We became the Cape Cod Scottish Session (CCSS) on 2018-06-21. Originally called the Cape Cod Scottish Slow Session (CCSSS) because "CCSS" was not available (at YahooGroups, our former email group host).

If you want to subscribe to our email List, come play with us, and then send a blank email to:

Updated: 2023-06-05

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