Cape Cod Old Time Jam

Pam and Reese have revived the CCOTJ in September 2017, with a usually monthly evening or afternoon session, currently in Brewster.
Begun as an occasional Old Time Jam in late 2009, it faded out after a while. Sessions were often on the last Saturday evening of the month in the Lower Cape - frequently Orleans, but it did travel around a little and sometimes was in the afternoon. We try to play in one key at a time, so that cross tuned instruments only needed major retuning for key changes, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Gatherings have been as small as 3 to around 10 or 12 players, and sometimes non-playing friends. Non-traditional instruments often take part (e.g. 4 string banjo, octave mandolin, cello, flutes, whistles, recorders, northumbrian small pipes, etc) as some players come from other genres: Folk, Irish, Scottish, Jug Band, Classical, Mexican, etc. 

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Other Old Time sessions:

Plympton MA Old Time Jam
usually 2nd & 4th Mondays 7-9pm
Contact Barry:

Old Time Fiddle Session and Community Gathering
usually 4th Saturdays at a Brick Pizzeria location 4:30-6:30pm
usually S&S Plaza, 213 Huttleston Av, Fairhaven MA 02719
(sometimes outside in nice warm weather 163 Union St, New Bedford MA 02740)
Updated: 2020.01.26

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