Amp problems @ HR9X #equipment



We have a puzzling problem with one of the Alpha 99s. Hopefully someone can offer some ideas what’s going on.

The amp became very finicky to tune up and faults very easily. When we first tried using it this morning, it would load to about 800 Watts. More drive would cause the grid current light to come on.

We opened it and cleaned it, reseated most of the connectors. Still finicky, but delivers 1500 out. We could not get the tune LED to come to the proper spot and it stays under the 2 KV mark.

Also, the HV LED is two sections below 3 KV idle, goes down to 1 section above 2 KV under load. IP is 2 LED sections below 1 amp.

Any ideas what may be going on?

Rudy N2WQ / VE3EID

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