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The CCCA is a friendly organisation that exists to promote and further the interests of the owners of the 4 double handed classes of dinghy originally produced by Comet Dinghies, namely the Trio, Duo, Versa and Zero.


This is a site for all who are interested in any aspect of the Comet sailing dinghies, and in particular for those who want to give or receive technical information about them.


If you have questions about the Comet boats, this is a good community place to start.


This group is part of the Comet Combined Class Association.


To borrow a guideline from another site, drifting off topic is tolerated within reason. Consider it the equivalent of the sailing club bar.


New members are very welcome, and for a short period you posts will be moderated while we and they test the waters.


Please be aware that our total storage limit is only 1GB; that may sound a lot, but it is relatively little per member. There should be no problem with uploading photos, as the platform will automatically re-size them where necessary, but please avoid uploading videos;    we suggest that you put the latter on Youtube, and simply post the link on this site. 


We aim to change the cover photo from time to time, using members' photos (possibly amongst others).   Current cover photo is of a Comet Versa being cruised on a lovely August evening in the Helford River.

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