Thinning out the collection #mechanical

Michael Starke

Hello Group,
a happy and healthy New Year to you all.

I have here a lot of new (in the box), partilly unused Collins spare parts.
They are possibly for the 51J-1/2/3/4 series receivers and related units.

The part numbers are as follows:
- 1x transformer (audio), part no. 677-0430-00, new, in box (NIB)
- 1x HF-Filter, 490-510 khz, part no. 616-1717, 2-pins, NIB
- 1x HF-Filter, 490-510 khz, part no. 616-1719, 5-pins, NIB
- 1x HF-Filter, with tunining caacitor, #616-1737, NIB
- 1x transformer, 3H, 120MA, 100 Ohm, 2500v, #678-0432-00, NIB
- 1x Net-Filter, 80mA, 2500V, 300Ohm, #616-1688, NIB
- 1x Oszillator type 70E-15, #616-1716, NIB
- 1x Transformer, IN 115V/230V, OUT 5V, 2A, - 6,3V/5A - 700VCT/125mA# 672-0575-00, NEW
- 1x rotary switch, # 269-1272-0, NIB
- 1x rotary switch, # 269-1270-0, NIB
- 1x rotary switch, # 269-1271-0, NIB
- 1x rotary switch, # 269-1273-0, NIB
- 1x relais # 972-1176-00, NIB
- 1x Tuning Dial for 51J-1/2/3/4, used
- 2x bags full of small coils, potentiometers, switches, mostly NEW, around 40 items, all Collins
Photos can be sent.

I would like to sell as a lot.
Please make me a reasonable offer.

Best regards.
Michael Starke
Kempen, Germany