The New and Improved Storehouse--- The Radio Room has an Alarm now

K7ICY/ Ken Tolliver

As many of you know, the Portland Bishop's Storehouse used to only have part of it covered by an Alarm System. But, not any more!

The Church took possession of the building two days ago from the contractors that have done a great job at remodeling the whole building. Ron Hendrickson and Dave Noble gave me the 10 Cent tour of the remodeled Storehouse, and I saw many of the improvements that were made. There is now an extensive Alarm System that will protect all of the building. That is --Every Single Room.  It's a great improvement.

Yes, even the Radio Room is now covered by the Alarm. And it is activated.

So, if you have a key to the Storehouse Radio Room----

Do Not Use It!!!!

You will set off the Alarm. 

Additionally, the door will be re-keyed in the next day or two. For now, Dave Noble will need to be contacted to gain access to the Radio Room. He knows the Alarm Code and will have the right key to get in. I have the code too; but sometime tomorrow my key will no longer work. 

Church Headquarters will be deciding on the future access parameters for the Storehouse and the Radio Room as it applies to us. We have enjoyed very liberal access in the past, and hope that will continue. When we get more details on that I will pass them on. 

To get items out of the Radio Room and the Shed to take to the Rickreall Swaptoberfest Saturday--- the crew should contact Dave Noble to gain access. If he is unavailable I can try to help if my key still fits. 

Anyway, there are many big changes and improvements at the Portland Bishop's Storehouse. Many people's lives will be blessed by these changes. The Gospel just keeps rolling onward. 


Ken Tolliver


Portland Region ECS