Rain Coming -- Possible Flooding Situations

K7ICY/ Ken Tolliver

Thursday the National Weather Service put out the below Weather Briefing for Emergency Managers. Each of you are "Emergency Managers" of your own families so I'm sharing it with you.

The take away for most of us--

A couple inches of rain Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning. 

So, please be a good neighbor and help keep the Storm Drain Catch Basins in your neighborhoods clear of leaves. It only takes a few leaves to block a Catch Basin and send the waters to places they shouldn't be. 

Of course, only do this on side streets. Don't get in the street on any major streets. It's probably best to do this in pairs. One rakes clear the drain; while the other keeps watch for coming traffic.

Be Safe and Be A Good Neighbor.

And, thanks for sharing the Briefing with us Delvin!


Ken Tolliver


The Weather Briefing:

Emergency Managers and Public Safety Officials,
IMPACTS:  An area of moderate to heavy rain will take aim at the Pacific Northwest Saturday and Sunday.  Urban, river and burn scar flooding are possible. The axis of heaviest rain appears most likely to impact areas north of a line extending between Tillamook and Portland Saturday night and early Sunday before it shifts southward Sunday.  This should result in the highest rain totals falling across the north Oregon coast range, Willapa Hills, lower Columbia River Valley and south Washington Cascades.  Areas farther south towards Salem and Eugene are likely to experience lower rainfall totals.

Saturday through Sunday

  *   Coast & Cascades:

     *   Rain

        *   3-6” Coast. Highest north.
        *   4-8” Coast Range & Cascades. Highest north.
        *   Rivers of Concern For Flooding

           *   Grays River near Rosburg
           *   Willapa, Naselle, Nehalem & Wilson Rivers – Sharp rises are expected, but are currently forecast to crest below flood stage.
           *   Flooding along smaller creeks draining the coast range, south Washington Cascades & north Oregon Cascades.

     *   Wind

        *   Gusts to 50 mph expected Saturday afternoon and evening.

  *   Willamette & Lower Columbia River Valley:

     *   Rain

        *   Steady light to moderate rain late Friday night and Saturday. There may be a break in the rain late Saturday before a band of moderate to heavy rain shifts southward Saturday night and/or Sunday.
        *   1-3” of rain between Kelso/Longview & PDX metro. Highest north.
        *   1-2” of rain between Salem & Eugene.
        *   Urban flooding from clogged storm drains possible Saturday night and/or Sunday, particularly in the PDX metro & Kelso/Longview area where the heavier band of rain could persist for more than an hour or two.

     *   Wind
•  Breezy Saturday afternoon and evening with gusts of 30-40 mph possible.

•         High Confidence:
o   Light to moderate rain Saturday
o   Band of moderate to heavy rain shifting southward across the area on Sunday
•         Moderate confidence:
o   Band of moderate to heavy rain stalling north of a line extending between Tillamook and Portland Saturday night, which would result in large rainfall amounts for the north Oregon coast range, Willapa Hills and south Washington Cascades.
o   Flooding at Grays River near Rosburg Saturday night or Sunday.
o   Urban flooding from intense rainfall and clogged storm drains Saturday night and/or Sunday, particularly in Kelso/Longview & the PDX metro.
•         Low confidence:
o   Minor flooding along the Wilson River at Tillamook, Nehalem River at Foss and the Naselle and Willapa Rivers Saturday night or Sunday.