Re: 2018-2022 Tech class PowerPoint

K7ICY/ Ken Tolliver

I usually just use the website materials. This last Friday and Saturday I taught at the Winona Grange Hall. It didn't have WiFi so I just copied a PDF copy of the question pool onto a thumb drive and used that.
Not the prettiest way to do it; but all 13 passed the exam.

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Subject: [CARS] 2018-2022 Tech class PowerPoint
I have a technician class this weekend and I am trying to run down a PowerPoint presentation with the revised test questions for the year 2018 through 22. I know there have been some classes held since the revised questions have come out but I'm not having any luck finding a PowerPoint presentation. is there anyone in the group that can help me with this?

Thanks in advance, K2TJR

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