ARRL Northwestern Division Director

Mark Wardell (AG7HH)

Hello all,

If you're an ARRL member, or at all interested in what they're up to, I thought you might be interested in the results of the vote for the new ARRL Northwestern Division Director. These were announced today about an hour ago.

Northwestern Division Director

Mike Ritz, W7VO 1,589 
Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ 1,308 
Horace Hamby, N7DRW 495

Northwestern Division Vice Director
Mark Tharp, KB7HDX 1,368 
Daniel Stevens, KL7WM 1,228 
Delvin Bunton, NS7U 767

And for the other divisions that were up for election this year the results look like this.

Central Division Director
Kermit Carlson, W9XA 1,898
Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L 1,755

Hudson Division Director
Ria Jairam, N2RJ 1,292 
Mike Lisenco, N2YBB 1,239

New England Division Director
Fred Hopengarten, K1VR 1,432 
Tom Frenaye, K1KI 1,383

Roanoke Division Director
George Hippisley, W2RU 1,891 
Dr. James Boehner, N2ZZ 1,365

Roanoke Division Vice Director
William Morine, N2COP 1,742 
John Humphry, W4IM 1,505

Whether your chosen candidate(s) won or not let's work to come together to support the new Division Director and Vice Director in their new positions.

Have a great day.



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