Sat. May 13th 2000 - 1st Annual "Day on the C-P-R"

Bill Miller <bmiller@...>

Good evening folks:

As some of you are aware, for the last five years members of the CNet list
have held an annual get together at Bayview Jct.,ON to watch trains, and
more importantly, to put faces to the names they correspond with all the
time. It is always an event to look forward to and enjoy.

I'd like to adapt that event to our group, and have selected Saturday, May
13th, 2000 (being the closest date to the list's anniversary 5/16/99). At
the suggestion of Paul Bloxham (founder of CNet meets), Galt,ON has been
selected for this year's event. Located at MP57 on the Galt Subdivision,
20 or more trains pass daily, with many working at Galt. The CPR's Grand
River job also runs Saturdays more often than not.

To get to the Galt station, go south (about 5 miles) on Hwy.24 from the
Hwy.401 exit until you go under the mainline and then make an immediate
left. Ample parking is available and Horny Tim's is right up the street.
In the evening, I envision beautiful westbound bridge shots from
Riverbluffs Park on the west side of the Grand River, something like
"". Hopefully
the CPR will co-operate.

To enable some participation from those out of reasonable range, I'd like
to compile a OS report entailing what everyone sees (or is running) on this
day. Hopefully we'll see one or more of our members go by. :)


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