Wow! - Great Group and a Winterizing Tip for Verticals

Dave K1DJE

Amazing group of hams! Thanks to all for the help getting my HF9V repaired, refurbished, and back on line! It is assembled and mounted and works fair, although radials still have to be installed, probably starting tomorrow.

I uploaded a photo to my folder "K1DJE-HF9V", titled Winterize_HF9V, that shows my (now old) winterizing scheme. Here, as well as my last residence in Iowa, sees a lot of snow. Left of shot are two sections of cheap decorative wire fences, each about 14" high by 36" long. In the shot the fences are upside down showing the legs that stick into the ground. Formed in a rough circle and pressed in they work out to 12" above ground and fit nicely around my HF9V and ground rods. Right of shot is a plain plastic garbage can lid from Dollar General. I cut it from the edge to the middle and cut a hole to fit around the antenna mast. Two flat metal straps bolted to the lid hold the split together when Placed around the antenna. The brick in the middle is simply to weigh the lid down in winds. The lid lifts up easily or can be removed to check or work on the antenna

I turn the lid so that the split is on the opposite side of the antenna from the coax mounting screws. Keeps all the mounting hardware and ground wires, radial connections and coax ends dry during most rain or snow storms! Total cost was probably about $6 quite a few years ago, but was a good investment!

Thanks again for all the info and advice getting my HF9V ready! It is very much appreciated!

Dave - K1DJE