"Tune up" of HF9V

Reid K8JLW

I am taking down my ground mounted HF9V today so that a nearby dead tree can be felled.  While I have it down, is there anything specific I should do for a tune up?  I was given the antenna about 3 years ago from another ham and it has served me very well.  I am very far from being a knowledgeable ham, but everything appears to be in good working order with the antenna.  I checked SWR's a few weeks ago and all were still very good.  Just looking for any tips/suggestions while I have it dismounted.  Thanks!

73, Reid K8JLW


Invariably the hardware on the antenna loosens with time and wind so make sure all of that is tight.  Since you have it down for a time, most everyone would take apart each joint, clean it and apply Penetrox or some other anti-sieze lubricant to protect the joints.  The first time I took mine apart for maintenance, I made good use of a shapie to mark the position of anything that would move so I could it back to it's original position.  If any of the hardware has any issues, replace it with stainless hardware.  Hard to find everything but at Home Depot and other locations, they always have a set of drawers with a variety of stainless hardware.  Most of the big stuff is 1/4-20.  Check the 15 meter stub for wear and replace if needed.  Wire works just as well as braid.  Same for the six meter stub if you have one.  Remember, once you have the antenna down on the ground, you have a chance to do things you would not have once the antenna is back in the air.  I also clean the fiberglass insulators while I have it down as well.  I use a variety of cleaning, ending up with a little denatured alcohol to be sure I got everything.