New HF9V & 30m Capacitor (JPGs added 08/05/2020)

Nolan - KI5IO

Just completed "my version" of the 30m capacitor modification to help minimize stress.  I still have to solder the ring connectors and put the Jet Lube SS-30 at all metal/screw contact points.

Still a ways off from installation as my Cardiac Rehab team won't cut me loose for another couple weeks.

So ... just doing small steps at a time in advance.

This modification won't void the DX Engineering warranty that is offered with the new product. Not that I expect anything to fail, but just wanting to be as clean as possible.

Link to images: 


73  -  ki5io
Nolan Kienitz
Plano, TX


I made a different modification highlighted in the photos section,,cap,20,1,0,0
I simply cut some aluminum and bent it in a small bench vise then mounted it as shown above.