HF-2V 160m + 30m resonator?


Has anyone installed the 160m and 30m resonator on an HF-2V at the same time?  Leaving out the 75ohm matching line does what to the 30m SWR?  I currently use my HF-2V with the 160m resonator, and an external rig tuner on 30m.  The bypass swr is 6:1, but the antenna does work there, just not great.

I was told long ago by the Butternut tech guy it couldn't be done.  Has anyone tried it?

73, Eric WD6DBM

73 Eric WD6DBM

Randy WA0I

I decided to try your plan on an HF6V Eric.  It lowered the resonance 400 KHz.
With the 20m stub I measured R42 X7.  Without R34 X9. 

Jon NN5T

See in this Photos section under 'NN5T HF2V' - 9 photos.  I have HF2V with 160 and 30 meter option including RG-11 matching section.  Works great in all bands.  Jon NN5T

Jon NN5T

This is the description in HF-2V OM.  1/4wave RG-11 matching network creates 1:4 (200Ohms) transformer.  Other than 10MHz, the 16' long RG-11 does not react to the antenna impedance much. Why you don't want to follow the instruction ? Of course, there is no point adding this stub unless you install 30MRK 10MHz base coil kit.



6. Since the electrical height of the HF2V on 30 meters is greater than 1/4 wavelength, the feedpoint
impedance will be considerably greater than 50 ohms. A length of RG-11/U cable with a PL-259
and a PL-258 "barrel" connector at the input end and lug connections for the antenna end is
provided as a matching transformer between the antenna and the main 50 ohm transmission line.