HF9V-X rebuild completed.

Brent WB4X

--I recently rebuilt as HF6V-x that to bought used. It was a basket case for sure. After a lot of work and cleaning, I am happy to report that it is working great. Tuning was easy and swrs are great on all bands except 17 meters. 2.5-1 is the best I could do on 17  but it still preforms great on that band. Performance is the reason for this post.  I have used Hustler BTV vertical antennas for 30 years, with good results I might add. After using the HF9 now for a week or so, I have to say that I like it better. The performance on all bands is great. I have made many contacts easily. Really I cant say enough good things about the antenna.  The only change I made to it was to use the hustler mounting base. That helped to make the antenna a little more rigid, But the main reason I used it was because my antenna mount and radial field was designed around this mount. It worked great.
Charles  WB4X


Good job on the salvage!

My butternut is of mid -80s vintage. I added the 12/17m kit about 1990. I never managed to get a good match on 17 m, about same as yours in fact.

Butternut supplied a short coax stub (about 15" ) to "help" with 17m but I never saw much improvement with it.

Good luck, 73 Paul N5PG