Re: HF6V Modification To Incorporate 6 Meter Band

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Congrats at getting your older HF6 going.  I did the same this past summer, a fun and worthwhile project.

Re 6M tuning  - My antenna resonates at 50.5 right where it is.  I assumed they all did.  Don't they?

On your radial lengths:  Wires in the ground are de-tuned anyway, so why didn't you just use 16 30 footers?  I know you don't really need "quarter wavlengths" but more wire in the ground = a better return path for RF currents.
Also, the SWR at resonance on 80 can be as low as 1.2, and the same on 40 and 20.  My upper bands are all about 1.5, including 12M  Maybe playing with the could adjustments will get it dialed in tighter for you.  GL.


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Subject: [butternut] HF6V Modification To Incorporate 6 Meter Band
I brought my HF6V out of moth balls in the last 3 weeks. I clean it well and reconstructed the antenna from instructions downloaded from the internet. I have laid out 16 radials ranging from 4, 8, 10, 16, 20, 25, 30 feet. I believe there are 2 of each lengths. My SWRs on 80, 40, 30 and 20 meters are all under 1.8. The upper bands are all under 2.3 and managed with a MFJ 949E antenna tuner.

My question is, can the 15 meter band wire antenna be replaced with a different length of wire and be use for the 6 mete band. If so can someone provide the details?

Thank you and 73

N8NEU - Tim

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