The Butternut  group at is where you will find information pertaining to Butternut antenna.  If you are in need of installation, repair, modification and general usage information, this is the place!  If you have an information to share, please post any modification articles in the files section and photos in the photos section.   Please place all photos you post in a folder you create with your call sign as the name.  Learn from fellow group members just how the Butternut antenna works. Research the groups message archive for the specific Butternut antenna information that you have been looking for.

Note that direct attachments are not permitted to the postings.  You must put files in the files area and photo in the photos area of the group as described above.  Then you may create a posting with a link to those files and photos to share with the group.

We are not affiliated with DX Engineering, the owner of Butternut. You can contact DX Engineering directly for "Factory" support if you wish.  But we do have a good relationship with DX engineering and share information with them.  This group will not be used as a vehicle for trashing DX Engineering, its products, policies or reputation.

Rude behavior, insulting other members, crude language or other such behavior will not be permitted. Anyone doing so will be banned permanently and their postings removed.

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