Building Your Online Author Presence

This is the Pennwriters August Course - Building Your Online Author Presence with Silver Level Instructor Veronica Mattaboni

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How many times have you heard the advice: “If you have an online following, it’ll be so much easier to sell your book!” Everyone talks about the benefits of having an online platform, but you’ve already discovered it’s easier said than done—unless you know the tricks. Creating a connection with your online audience has never been simultaneously more important or simpler. Together, we’ll address the basics of forming an author platform/online presence that’s cheap and easy to maintain. Join this course to learn the basics of establishing a brand, author websites, social media presence, and name recognition.




When it comes to creating an online presence, it’s all about marketing. You are, in a way, selling yourself and your work to an audience, which requires a lot of nuanced choices. Most writers figure out how to get their audience’s attention through years of trial and error. Fortunately, I have done the heavy lifting of working for a marketing agency, so you don’t have to. 


This course will cover four major parts of online author platforms that readers want to engage with: branding, websites, social media, and name recognition. We’ll discuss the purpose of forming a brand and you’ll be provided with actionable steps to creating one of your own. We’ll look at popular social media channels to determine which ones work best for you, then learn how to automate your posts for free to reduce time and energy costs. We’ll cover the important elements to include in your website and ways you can make a professional looking website for free. Each of these facets, combined with consistent, small publications, will help to create name recognition and brand loyalty for your author platform.



  • Learn about the importance of branding
  • Actionable steps to create their own author brand
  • Learn about the proper usage of each social media platform and how to garner attention
  • Learn how to create and automate professional looking social media posts
  • What should be included in an author website and how to make one for free that looks professional
  • The basics of submitting to publications (lit mags and journals)



Veronica Mattaboni is a poet, editor, and writing coach living in Pennsylvania. She holds a BA in Writing and an MFA in Creative Writing, specializing in Poetry. Her work has been featured in: Menacing Hedge, The Offing, PASTEL Magazine, Passaic / Völuspá, and Penn and Anvil Press, home of her chapbook Swing All The Way Up And Smack. Veronica is a Pushcart Prize Nominee, Best of the Net Nominee, and the Editor in Chief of Peach Velvet Mag, a theme-based literary magazine based in the West Chester/Philadelphia area.




Instagram:       @whatdarkpassages


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