Source Dialog: Media Tab

Nick Higton

I've always been uncertain on how best to use the Media tab, and worried that it may not have kept pace with the growth of online source material. It also doesn't seem possible to check more than one item at a time from the drop-down list.
Therefore, could I suggest that two tabs should be available:
- the first to describe the original source material. This would include: Magazine, Manuscript, Map, Newspaper, Other (Document), Photo, Tombstone (perhaps Memorial Tablet would be preferable), Video; plus Book, Correspondence
- the second to describe in what format it was made available.  This would include: Electronic (perhaps Digital would be a better word); Fiche; Film, Microfilm; plus Original; Photocopy; Photo

It's not perfect as, for example, an old photo of a person would be Photo/Original, but a photo of a gravestone would be Memorial Tablet/Photo.

Happy if other can suggest improvements on this.