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Jeff Dixon

Recently, while making several updates, I decided against the last update.  Rather than re-keying the information back to it;s original, I looked under 'edit' to see if there was an 'undo'. 

No 'undo' but there was a 'cancel recent changes'.  Pressing it pops a "are you sure" box, which scared me. 

What are 'recent changes'?  Changes made to current screen?  Changes made to current individual/family?  Changes made since opening current database file?  Changes made since this opening of the BrothersKeeper program?   

Is there a way to see what changes will be cancelled before affirming the cancel?


Jeff Dixon

Thank you Giles, very Helpful.


Barry P.

A secure method of “going back” or “Un-Do” is to have a BACK-UP before the start of each work session and  as work progresses. – In successive folder if necessary.

I use a folder called “BK7_WUA” which is “Work Under Action”.  This means that if I make a  mistake involving several edits, then I can ‘start over’ from the beginning by restoring that WUA back-up.  What’s more is that you can switch between databases and see the changes! 

 Then at the end of the session, make the formal back-up as I would normally do.


The “UIndo Recent Changes” applies only to the current  editing  of the individual in focus.  If you move to another individual, that  ‘Recent Changes ‘become ‘OLD changes’, which one cannot undo!


                Barry P.


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To my knowledge, "recent changes" refers to changes made to the current screen.  You can not revert to previous information on other screens made during the current session.

If you have the option to save a BKAUDIT.TXT file (Other tab from the Options on the main screen), you could check it to see the changes you made previously and use this to re-enter previous information..  When this file gets to a certain size, it is renamed with the date but it is not discarded.