Otto Jørgensen

I aslways start With Norwegian and a button in English and Danish and there are no problem

hilsen/regards Otto -#-

Den 01.07.2020 00:08, skrev Gilles Paquette:

On my installation, when running BK, it starts in French with the button at the lower left showing English.  When I hit this button, the program goes to English and the button shows Francais = Quebec (accents omited here).  A few years ago I made a test by installing English, French (Quebec) and French (Belgium) and all three languages worked perfectly.  Whern one of the other languages was selected, the corresponding button changed to the other not selected language.

To get rid of the languages you don't need, you have to erase the corresponding .BKW file.  From what I understand, installing the program overwrites existing files, but doesn't erase those that are not needed.  BK searches for all BKW files and uses the fourth line of these files to show the button languages that have been installed.  If you have more than one of course.  With two languages installed, you should have one botton, with more than two you should see one less button than those installed (the current language not showing).

As for the language selection on the blue general installation screen, it should apply only to this.screen (but I never saw a language other than English even with other program intallation).  It should not affect what language you want with BK, this is where the second selection comes in.