Re: BIG PROBLEM WITH LANGUAGE! (was: Re: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] 7.5 install: two language choices?)

J. P. Gilliver (John)

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 23:27:27, John Steed <@JohnSteed> wrote:
When you run the BKSETUP7.EXE install program, the first screen asks
what language to use DURING THE INSTALL PROCESS.
That affects the screens in the install program.  It does not affect
how the Brother's Keeper program runs.
Ah, understood.

The Last screen of the install process asks which languages to have
available in the BK program.  It installs the .BKW files for each
language that you pick.

When you run BK, it will show at most 4 buttons at the bottom for
different languages.  However, you can pick any number of languages for
BK.  Just pick from the top Help, Change Language, and then you will
get a list of ALL the language files, including English and you can
Ah. I hadn't realised there was another way to change language! I had thought the buttons were the only way. (I think Gilles did too.)
If you want more than 4 languages, it might be less confusing if you
turn OFF the language buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Pick Help, Change Language, and near the bottom is an option to show
language buttons.  UNcheck that and click OK and you will not see those
buttons, but you can use Help, Change Language to change.
Excellent! Thanks. The usual speedy help!
(I _think_ I've recovered all the settings I lost by messing with BKOPTION.P7, but am not sure: do they get backed up? I looked in the backup location, but that particular file wasn't there. Is there another one I can restore that has BK's various settings in it?)
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