Re: Removing imbed code on BK Reports

Jim Dell


In Word select Marcos (you may have to right click on ribbon and select customize to display it)

  1. Click on Record
    1. Name the macro and if you want assign it to a key stroke
    2. On the file menu downs at the bottom is Options
    3. Select Options, then display
    4. About the middle of the screen you should see “Hidden Text” uncheck it.
    5. Go back to Marco button and select stop recording


You should have a macro with code similar to this


Sub Macro1()


' Macro1 Macro

' Hide hidden text


    ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = False

End Sub


I am using MS Word 2019





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Subject: Re: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Removing imbed code on BK Reports


So, how do you  do that ?

What  does it look like?

 How do you run it?

                Barry P.


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Since you use MS Word you can create a macro to turn off hidden text.

I created a macro that takes the RTF file and creates the Index from those entries, puts page numbers and creation date on the report and turns off the hidden text.




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Subject: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Removing imbed code on BK Reports


G’day to All Brothers Keeper’s user,


I’m wondering if anybody knows of a quick way of removing the [highlighted commands] in my Wood 2010 genealogical reports.


I convert my .RTF files to Word 2000 files and these files are normally on the large size and I end up spending a lot of my time going through my report and removing the [highlighted commands] manually.


A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated


Anyone got a quick solution for please so I not wasting time going through a 100 page report removing these commands.


Thanking you in advance.




Greg Baldwin

Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia

Email: kennethb@...

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