Re: BIG PROBLEM WITH LANGUAGE! (was: Re: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] 7.5 install: two language choices?)

John Steed

When you run the BKSETUP7.EXE install program, the first screen asks what language to use DURING THE INSTALL PROCESS.

That affects the screens in the install program.  It does not affect how the Brother's Keeper program runs.

The Last screen of the install process asks which languages to have available in the BK program.  It installs the .BKW files for each language that you pick.

When you run BK, it will show at most 4 buttons at the bottom for different languages.  However, you can pick any number of languages for BK.  Just pick from the top Help, Change Language, and then you will get a list of ALL the language files, including English and you can pick from that list.  If you have changed to a language you do not understand, pick Help from the top menu (it is the one furthest to the right) then click the Second line down, and that is Change Language.  Then look for English or whatever language you want.

If you want more than 4 languages, it might be less confusing if you turn OFF the language buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Pick Help, Change Language, and near the bottom is an option to show language buttons.  UNcheck that and click OK and you will not see those buttons, but you can use Help, Change Language to change.

John Steed

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What I meant about the installation wizard is that I never saw another language there even if I choose to get the interface in French.

But whatever language you choose at this point, it has no consequence on the installation of BK.  You choose the language(s) to install when BK asks for it.

But if you don't need another language, there is no point in installing one.  I do because I answer questions on BK on a French forum and because I did the translation in French of John's manual.  But it might get confusing to have all these buttons at the bottom of your screen, as you experienced yourself.

Gilles Paquette

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