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Barry P.


                Unless you really are NOT  backing up to the SAME folder with the same database, there are options to  not  copy / BU files that are already  copied in prior back-ups.

See the Tick boxes here.

Otherwise, look at the offending file and see if anything is amiss.  Is that file a corruption?


You really DO NOT  desire to bypass the  programmed process  because,  there might well in fact be a corruption that could destroy your whole backup.  Or worse.


Have you actually  tested your back-up by  opening it as a database?  Does that file complained of load  without comment?


With Windows <File Explorer> or similar file management  tool, copy / past works easily.


  Barry P.


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Sent: Wednesday, 1 July 2020 7:23 PM
Subject: Re: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Backup option


Yes please! I’d like this option too John S.


Best regards,


Andrew Kendall.



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Sent: 30 June 2020 23:40
Subject: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Backup option


Others have expressed various things that they would like to see changed.  I agree with some but generally, they're just minor annoyances that I can easily work around.


There is one thing, however, that drives me nuts.  When doing a full backup (15,000 individuals, 350+ pictures, 250+ media items) I find that it continuously stops and warns that there's a larger file on fie.


I would love to see an option that would allow me to bypass those warnings beforehand so I could just hit [backup], then sit back and let it do its thing.


David Youse

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